Building Blocks is pleased to introduce our Short Seminar Series to you. In addition to our regular courses being delivered online via a secure non government virtual training platform, we are now offering our Short Seminar series to give you a high impact learning session through a short 3-hour virtual delivery. These shorter courses are designed to give your toolkit a boost, while maximizing your time, as we navigate these uncertain times and juggle work and home life together.

Team Training
A number of courses in the Short Seminar Series are also well suited for team training. With the registration of six participants or more, we can deliver a customized course geared towards the specific needs of your team. This way, you will spend time learning what is most important for your own group. Contact us for a quote.

Please see list of available Short Seminar Series courses below:

Virtual Teams for Success
3 hour session $295

This course is designed for managers and team members working in a virtual environment. Whether the team is virtual, or just one or two members, this course will highlight tips and techniques required for the remote team to be successful and get results.

Building Effective Teams
3 hour session $295

This workshop will reinforce key leadership skills needed to transform your team to a high performing, productive team.

Leading Change
3 hour session $295

This workshop will address the agility and behavioural flexibility needed to lead your team in turbulent times. You will discover a model to understand the dynamics of change and skills that you will need to effectively lead.

The Art and Science of Delegation
3 hour session $295

In this workshop, participants will zoom in on the Art and Science of Delegation. You will learn a practical process to delegate effectively that allows for your team members to attain their fullest potential.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviours
3 hour session $295

This workshop will seek to equip you to face difficult employees ethically and to address behavioural issues effectively and efficiently.

Time and Priority Management
3 hour session $295

In this workshop, you will learn best practices in setting and reviewing priorities and how to squeeze the most out of time available.

Dealing with Stress and Building Resiliency
3 hour session $295

This workshop will provide you with practical tips and proven techniques to help you manage through stressful situations and to build ongoing resiliency skills.

Being Assertive at Work
3 hour session $295

This workshop will help you become more assertive in a positive and professional manner. You will explore what assertive behaviour looks like, assess your own level of assertiveness, and develop strategies to strengthen your assertiveness skills. As well, you will learn a technique that helps you say no in a way that fosters negotiations while maintaining positive relationships.

Building Motivation and Engagement
3 hour session $295

In this workshop, you will discover what motivates you and others using the DISC or Dynamix personality profile tool. You will also explore various theories and techniques used by managers to help employees better motivate themselves and actively engage at work.

Effectively Using Your Emotional Intelligence
3 hour session $295

This workshop begins with a self-assessment of your own Emotional Intelligence. A certified practitioner will then review your assessment and suggest re-enforcing exercises to strengthen aspects of your own emotional intelligence. It will conclude with a personalized action-plan to assist you to make sustained behavioural changes.

Employee Performance Management
3 hour session $295

This workshop will equip you with the tools to help you foster regular, mutual feedback, will build your confidence, and will enhance the more formal performance agreement conversations with your team members.