Building Motivation and Engagement

During Times of Uncertainty and Beyond

3.0 hours

New, experienced or soon to be supervisors, managers, team or project leaders


Managers matter when it comes to motivation and engagement. Knowing what motivates employees and keeps them engaged can be challenging at the best of times. How do managers set up the optimal conditions for teams to not only contribute but to go that extra mile with ideas that continually improve the workplace?

In this workshop, you will discover what motivates you and others using the DISC or Dynamix personality profile tool. You will also explore various theories and techniques used by managers to help employees better motivate themselves and actively engage at work.

  • Defining motivation
  • Define yours and others' motivators using the DISC personality profile tool
  • Consider the impact of different styles on motivation
  • Understand what engages employees
  • Increasing overall motivation and engagement in the workplace