The Art and Science of Delegation

"The manager who is not delegating is not managing." Robert Maddux

3.0 hours

New, experienced or soon to be supervisors, managers, team or project leaders


The most difficult challenge facing employees who transition into a leadership position is to learn to let go and delegate tasks effectively. Often, they prefer to continue doing the work themselves that they enjoy and use their team members only in supporting roles. The need for their personal involvement in every file as well as the urgency of deliverables are also often cited as excuses not to delegate more.

In this workshop, participants will zoom in on the Art and Science of Delegation. You will learn a practical process to delegate effectively that allows for your team members to attain their fullest potential.

  • The psychology of perfectionism
  • Risk management versus risk aversion
  • Delegation self-assessment
  • The delegation process
  • Tips and techniques for effective delegation