Being Assertive at Work

Techniques to Strengthen Your Confidence and Relationships

3.0 hours

Employees at all levels of the organization


This workshop will help you become more assertive in a positive and professional manner. You will explore what assertive behaviour looks like, assess your own level of assertiveness, and develop strategies to strengthen your assertiveness skills. As well, you will learn a technique that helps you say no in a way that fosters negotiations while maintaining positive relationships.

Although the focus of the exercises and examples will be in a work context, many of the tips and techniques you will learn can be easily applied outside the workplace.

  • Defining assertive behaviour
  • Determining how assertive you
  • Building self confidence
  • Being assertive without being aggressive
  • How to say No
  • Strategies for Changed Behaviours

Carolyn Baker

Carolyn, with over 32 years in the federal public service, has extensive experience in the public sector in the areas of leadership and learning. She has worked for 5 different departments with the last 15 years in executive positions. She was the Head of Learning for the Canadian International Development Agency for 5 years and ended her career as a senior faculty member facilitating learning sessions for all levels of employees in the government.
Over the course of her federal public service career, Carolyn has designed over 50 learning programs, facilitated over 500 leadership, management, instructional techniques and interpersonal skills workshops, and delivered coaching sessions to managers and executives at all levels.