Employees and managers at all levels of the organization who are looking to expand their knowledge about unconscious bias, and to learn about effective approaches to continue contributing to and building an inclusive workplace based on best practices.


While the spotlight is shining brightly on all of today’s leaders in this time of global social change, each one of us has an important role to play in the transformation process. Whether we fully realise it or not, each one of us is in a position to influence change within our organization and community. A mind-set of racial judgment and other forms of discrimination can easily happen without our knowing or realising it. The need to embrace the creation of a culture of belonging and inclusion is paramount to the change process. This program is designed to help bring greater awareness and understanding around unconscious bias. You will have the opportunity to develop a more conscious path forward and explore strategies you can use to build a more inclusive workplace.

Instruction Methodology

This program is a facilitated session with presentations, guided discussions and exercises. The course is offered virtually via our GoToMeeting service. This program is also available to be delivered in French.


  • Acknowledgement that as humans, we all have unconscious bias
  • Recognizing how unconscious bias occurs in all spheres of our lives
  • Understanding your own biases and their impacts on your day-to-day workplace
  • Focus on unconscious bias and what it means for your workplace
  • The real meaning behind inclusion and belonging
  • Approaches and strategies to develop a more conscious path forward in our workplace


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusiuon with Gananatha Subrahmanyam

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