Employees and managers at all levels of the organization who are dealing with difficult conversations or sensitive subject matters and are looking to learn more about effective communication strategies and tips based on best practices for an inclusive workplace.


These are increasingly stressful times. In dealing with delicate or complex situations, you may find your client or even colleague to be agitated, stressed or potentially violent towards themselves or others. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and best practices to help you assess and understand the situation, and apply techniques to make the person feel listened to, safe and respected so that the episode can be respectfully de-escalated. Based on a trauma- informed and anti-oppressive approach to harm-reduction and inclusion, the course will provide participants with tips and practical techniques to handle interpersonal interactions more effectively, and to bring calm and understanding to these types of situations.

Instruction Methodology

This program is a facilitated session with presentations, guided discussions and exercises. The course is offered virtually via our GoToMeeting service. This program is also available to be delivered in French.


  • Understand the psychological and behavioural aspects of emotional escalation
  • Understand the components of verbal de- escalation and how to avoid common challenges
  • Reduce the level of emotional and behavioural agitation through practical skills
  • Learn about the different Intersections with trauma
  • Understand the impacts of violence on mental health
  • Identify strategies to deal with the situation if it continues to escalate


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusiuon with Gananatha Subrahmanyam

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