Career Agility

Career advancement in the modern world is a series of tests and job interviews; once you get selected! We get you through the door with a current look-feel resume and follow it up with winning strategies to excel in the interview. If you are looking ahead to a graceful exit from working life then retirement planning and implementation is there for you as well.It's never too early to plan your next step.

How to enjoy the next chapter

2 days

It is never to early to plan your life, because a well-planned life will be the basis of a happy retirement. This course will prepare you for a successful retirement by giving you all necessary financial information and by helping you develop a life plan that will guide you through a smooth transition into retirement.

How to get prepared for an interview and knock their socks off

1 days

The world of interviews has been changing, and this workshop will acquaint you with new interview techniques and the strategies and tactics to put your best foot forward

Selling your career to maximum effect

1 days

This workshop is designed for those who have years of experience in the workforce and want to ensure that their T.A.S.K – talents, accomplishments, skills, and knowledge are being shown to the best advantage. In this workshop you will identify the best format of a résumé and learn how to assert your abilities in terms of a position's requirements. Additionally, after this workshop you can send your finished résumé to us and we will review it and give it a good polish.

Designing your roadmap for success

2 days

This course will help you take steps towards making positive changes in your career and life and help you in creating the future of your dreams.