This course is useful for anyone who has entered the workforce and is planning to retire, whether in two decades or in the next two years. The workshop will also be useful for spouses of future retirees.


It is never too early to plan the next phase of your life, because a well-planned life is the key to a successful and fulfilling retirement. Comprehensive retirement planning covers all aspects of a rewarding life including Financial, Social, Psychological, Emotional and Physical.

This course will prepare you for a successful retirement by giving you all necessary financial information and by helping you develop a life plan that will guide you through a smooth transition into retirement.


  • Establish your retirement vision building on your dreams, aspirations and life goals;
  • Determine when is the right time to retire;
  • Provide the "A to Z" of the Government of Canada employee pension plan (PSSA);
  • Provide advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of poor financial planning;
  • Explain the various types of financial investment instruments that are at your disposal;
  • Better understand the changes that will affect your life and how to manage them;
  • See how to fit your current work identity into your retirement identity;
  • Figure out how to create a more balanced pace for yourself;
  • Learn how to stay connected to your community and the world around you;
  • Identify your current and future social support network;
  • Feel confident and excited about this next chapter in your life.

Roadmap to a Fulfilling Retirement - François Poudrier

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