In response to recent events and our global efforts to adhere to the stay-at-home protocol, Building Blocks is offering most of our scheduled training courses via our non-government GoToMeeting service. We have already delivered a number of courses using this method and have received very positive feedback.

Register as you normally would through our website or contact us, and about 10 days before the course date you will receive a web link and detailed instructions on how to attend.

Below is an overview of how it works (if you have used the GoToMeeting service or Webex before, it will sound familiar). We will see that your needs can be addressed as best as possible prior to the course.

How to participate in an online course – at a glance

  1. You will require a PC, Laptop or smartphone (smartphones do work well). It is also possible to use an iPad. We can provide you with required support to prepare in advance of the course.
  2. In advance of the course, you will be sent a web link to download and launch the GoToMeeting service for the course.
  3. Your course materials will be sent to you through email. You will be able to view the instructor’s slides on your screen, via the GoToMeeting Service (controlled by your instructor), and for other course materials, you will be able to view on your screen, as needed. It is not necessary to print materials in advance.
  4. When using the GoToMeeting service, you will have video, voice and the slides of the presentation available to you. As well, you will be able to ask questions of the instructor, as you would during an in-person delivery, and participant interaction is actively encouraged.

We are happy to be able to provide this learning service for you and are confident that it will meet your needs.