The course is designed for policy analysts, program officers, subject matter experts and managers of all levels who are/will be directly involved in the development of Memoranda to Cabinet or Treasury Board Submissions. It is also designed for public servants at all levels who are not directly engaged in the development of these products but seek career development by exploring decision making in government and the impact of it on program operations and related career opportunities.


Cabinet and its committees—of which the Treasury Board is one—provide the forum in which Ministers make decisions on government policy and initiatives. At the front end of decision-making, a Memorandum to Cabinet is the main vehicle for reviewing options and advancing new policies, initiatives and government priorities. Downstream, a Treasury Board Submission is required when a department or agency needs approval or authority from the Treasury Board to access new funding or proceed with an initiative it would not otherwise be able to undertake.

Instruction Methodology

Lecturettes, discussion, video, and case study.


  • MCs and TB Subs in the context of the branches of government, the Cabinet committee system, and the Expenditure Management System
  • Overview of policy analysis
  • The Cabinet document system
  • Understanding the audience(s)
  • Roles of Central Agencies and departments
  • When and why MCs and TB Subs are required
  • Deconstructing an MC—content and processes
  • Deconstructing a TB Sub—content and processes
  • Deliverology and results-based management
  • Keys for successful MC and TB Sub writing
  • Strategies and tips for navigating the process


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