New and experienced public servants alike will be introduced to the fundamental laws that shape government policy, and will round out their knowledge of the mechanics of government; Non-public servants, from business or the not-for-profit sector, will gain an understanding of what makes government tick; This workshop is a good foundational course before taking any of our policy-related workshops.


This workshop provides both a broad and a detailed road map of government. You will learn about the mechanics of government and Parliament, policy-making and budgetary processes, legislation, and regulations. You can use this workshop as a starting point for our other workshops that provide focused training in one particular skill set.



  • The origins of democracy
  • Canada's constitutional framework
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • An overview of selected statutory authorities and requirements

Government Structures

  • Parliament
  • The Executive
    • Prime Minister and Cabinet
    • Central agencies
  • The judicial system

The Executive Process

  • Memoranda to Cabinet and TB Submissions
  • Central planning and policy development
  • Comptrollership and Accountability

Parliamentary Process

  • Passage of Bills
  • Parliamentary finance

The Regulatory Process

Skills Taught

You will learn about

  • The Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Key government-related statutes, such as the Financial Administration Act
  • Cabinet Directive on Law-making, and the Cabinet Directive on Streamlining Regulations
  • The structure of government: Cabinet, Parliament, and the Judiciary
  • Central planning and policy development
  • Parliamentary process for bills and the Estimates, and Regulatory approval process


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Course Outline


As a person who has worked in government for 14 years I found that it pulled it together."

"As a new employee [of government], I found this course very informative and eye-opening."

"... an excellent course, well-organized and very informative."

"Wonderful course. So interesting! All Canadians should take this course, forget only public servants. Ian, thank you for your knowledge, enthusiasm and your engaging presentation of course content. Loved all the war stories."

"Very informative, very fun!"

"Very interesting. Very well presented."

"First time I actually understand how government works."

"The instructor was quite knowledgeable on the subject matter touched throughout the workshop."