This course is designed for policy analysts, programme officers, and subject-matter experts at all levels of the organization, including managers who are involved in consulting stakeholders, both internal and external. New government recruits or seasoned analysts and officers will all benefit from this workshop.


This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques to support you in carrying out effective consultations. For example, you will learn how to apply qualitative analysis strategies and techniques to support your analysis with better evidence. This approach allows government to maximize the value of their stakeholder interventions while minimizing the use of scarce resources. Opportunities are provided for group members to practice or observe different stakeholder intervention techniques and to formulate a liaison plan.



  • Group dynamics and leadership
  • What are consultations versus communications
  • Why consult
  • Keys to success
  • Communications and listening

Knowledge and Skills

  • Management:
    • Planning
    • Documenting
    • When to use a facilitator
    • Situational Consultations
    • Checklists
    • Meeting management – both on-site and remote
  • Interaction Techniques:
    • Active listening
    • Normative Group Technique (A “brainstorming” technique)
    • Buzz groups
    • SWOT analysis
    • Focus groups (both formal and informal focus groups)
    • On-line information gathering

Where numbers permit, participants will be divided into teams and asked to develop a liaison plan and to provide a demonstration of an interaction technique.

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Course Outline


Using real cases was quite advantageous."

"Excellent. I have a real possibility now for a consultation."

"Very intense and engaging. Excellent course."