Your Venue – Your Schedule


If you have a number of staff or colleagues that would benefit from attending a training session there are a lot of great reasons to have us bring that training to you.


1. Training tailored precisely to your needs – As you will all be part of the same group we can adapt our training even more closely to your requirements. We can add or remove material and use examples from your organization that will resonate strongly with you and your colleagues.

2. Optimized instructor assignment – as the group’s needs will be more focused we can also be more specific in choosing which of our instructors will best suit you. We pride ourselves on our ability to pick the right person and the instructors particularly enjoy onsite training because of the opportunity to be laser focused on getting the right knowledge into your hands during the session.

3. Best value for your training investment – As soon as the words custom or bespoke are mentioned the natural assumption is that the cost will be prohibitive. Onsite training, however, is surprisingly affordable and often represents the best value we can offer. This is especially true for larger groups or longer sessions.

4. Easy to contract for PS events – we are available through several supply arrangements including ProServices and Learning Services. Within these supply arrangements we are approved in multiple categories which gives tremendous flexibility. We can efficiently contract to you so that you can focus on learning instead of administration.


The Building Blocks Difference

At the core of Building Blocks is a culture that is anchored in respect. This applies to how we interact as colleagues and also with our clients. This attracts the highest quality of instructors as they truly enjoy working in this kind of an environment and it makes for great client relationships. Customer loyalty is critical to our success and we know that has to be earned. Our culture means that we listen and listen very carefully to you. This allows us to provide you with the best possible learning outcomes. Our model, as shown below, is simple in appearance but is very challenging to implement. We take pride in delivering the best product for our client; every time.


On-Site Chart


How to Reach Us

We can be reached, Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, by telephone at the number below or by email at [email protected]. We will answer your enquiry promptly.

Corporate Headquarters

170 Laurier Ave. West, Suite 700 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1P 5V5 
Telephone: 613-230-6255 
Facsimile: 613-599-0859