Cannabis Policy Imperatives for HR & Workplace Safety

Accommodation and risk mitigation for proactive workplaces

1 days

Any business owner, human resources, legal and workplace safety professionals who develop, implement and enforce policy in the workplace.


Legalization of cannabis will have profound impacts on the workplace that employers need to mitigate and manage. From responsible use of medical cannabis, composition of benefit packages and protection against legal action, human resource policies are coming under the cannabis microscope. Additionally, cannabis use outside the workplace could impact workplace safety especially with regards to critical systems, and equipment/vehicle operation. Consideration of the potential consequences is needed to shape and implement an effective employee communication strategy on policy changes and how it impacts them as employees.

A key theme is for companies is to avoid an overreaction to incidents involving the medical and recreational use of cannabis. By adopting a culture of employee tolerance, developing good policies and providing education to employees, most issues and liabilities can be proactively addressed.


In this one-day workshop, you will learn about:

  • Considering the cultural philosophy of the company as it relates to cannabis, from the leadership through to the employees, and how that will impact change
  • Responsible use of medical cannabis and how this affects policies of accommodation
  • Corporate responsibility for employee accommodation; what is far enough
  • Why existing policies of pre-screening, drug testing and drug-related firing offenses might need reconsideration
  • Working with insurance companies to restructure benefit packages to promote a progressive workplace
  • When the operation of equipment and vehicles might impact workplace safety
  • Protecting the organization against legal action resulting from incomplete policy
  • Employee rights and how that can impact policy development
  • The importance of protecting employee privacy regarding cannabis and other issues
  • Rules and consequences around employee travel and cannabis; what should an employee say to officials when asked
  • What should be done when an employee is suspected of being impaired
  • What actions will unions be enforcing?
  • Dealing with the Social Stigma" of the legitimate use of cannabis in the workplace
  • Communicating changes to employees to empower decision-making and promote desired behaviors