Cannabis Foundations

Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis but Were Afraid to Ask

1 days

Any employee who is involved with creating and implementing internal facing or external facing policies that touch cannabis. This course will also be helpful to inform the general population.


Starting with the complex history of cannabis use as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years, through prohibition and now on to legalization, this course reviews the terminology, available products and market developments. The surprising story behind the legalization is uncovered through a series of charter-based challenges that defined the new requirement. The resulting expectations from different stakeholders are explored, and the limitations imposed on research reveal the exposure on key issues including road safety and underage cannabis use. We include a brief review of what is happening with cannabis legislation in other jurisdictions and conclude with a discussion of the emerging trends so that you can evaluate the likely impacts and outcomes of legalization.


In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • The history of cannabis use and why is was banned
  • Terminology of a huge and emerging industry
  • What the different cannabis products are and how they are consumed
  • The varied demographic currently using cannabis and the black market that supports them
  • How a series of charter-based court decisions drove the legalization of cannabis
  • How government shaped its objectives based on court decisions
  • Reconciling expectations from different stakeholders – government, users, business and investors
  • How travel between jurisdictions may be impacted
  • Limitations to research on high profile issues including road safety, underage use, risks and opportunities
  • What other jurisdictions are doing about cannabis use and legalization
  • Impacts of emerging trends on outcomes of legalization