Cannabis is Coming – How to Get Your Policies Ready

What your department needs to know about cannabis and why

1 days

Any public servant who is involved with creating and implementing internal facing or external facing policies that touch cannabis.


The legalization of cannabis is going to be disruptive and divisive within organizations and society. Leaders of all stripes need to be able to guide policy development in order to achieve positive outcomes.

This introductory course uses examples, case studies and research to shed light on this controversial topic. By learning what we know and don’t know, and distinguishing myth from fact, participants will become familiar with the complexity and potential impacts of a huge emerging industry. Equipped with this knowledge, participants will be able to frame the requirements for adapting their policies to accommodate the imminent changes.


In this one-day workshop, you will learn about:

  • Why cannabis was legalized
  • The reasons this topic has been treated as taboo
  • The myths about cannabis and what claims are supported by evidence
  • What research has been done to date
  • Size of the market and where the trends are headed
  • Medical uses of cannabis
  • HR and workplace safety policy issues
  • Communities facing special challenges with the use of cannabis
  • Mapping the areas impacted by cannabis legislation