Adobe InDesign CC Automating Document Production Workshop

1 days

This course is intended for students who want to use the tools and features of InDesign for creating and optimizing professional page layouts and designs in a production environment.


Adobe® InDesign® CC is professional-level document formatting software that utilizes many features to automate production and achieve great consistency in design across an organization’s use. Learn how to master the Master Pages and other repeating elements with variables. Use all the capabilities of InDesign’s powerful Styles (Paragraph, Character, Object, Table and Cell) to achieve greater continuity and ease of formatting. Make quick work of long document production.


Master Pages

  • Create effective Master Pages with repeating page elements
  • Duplicate Master Pages and transfer them to other documents
  • Understand page renumbering and sections for long documents

Paragraph Styles

  • Keys to creating effective Paragraph Styles for body texts and headings
  • Automating type flow with controls for widows/ orphans, line breaks and keep options
  • Making conditional Styles to allow for flow changes
  • Typographical tips for formatting in two languages
  • Tab options and tab leader usage
  • Opentype features
  • Advanced character formatting for copyfitting
  • Spanning columns in a layout

Other Styles

  • Creating and modifying Character Styles
  • Making Table and Cell Styles – automating flow through Headers/Footers and alternating row/ column features
  • Using Object Styles to format graphics and text boxes for fill, stroke, shape details, text flow and special effects
  • Resetting Style defaults
  • Managing Stylesheets (cleaning up)
  • Transferring Styles to other documents


  • Your Creative Cloud Library – access and sharing with collaborators online
  • Adding project-specific libraries
  • Sharing Styles, colours, and graphics such as logos through Libraries

Open Workshop to Implement New InDesign Skills

  • Individual consultations on specific InDesign issues in a workshop setting
Skills Taught: 

You will:

  • Create and apply Master Pages and repeating design elements
  • Explore in detail the workings of Paragraph Styles with tips on automating their use
  • Create and manage Character, Table and Cell Styles
  • Use Object styles to automate changes to multiple elements within a document
  • Achieve continuity through all your InDesign documents by transferring Styles, colour and gradient swatches
  • Use the CC Libraries to share common design elements