Adobe Acrobat DC Accessibility and Security Workshop

1 days

This course is intended for students who want to use the tools and features of Acrobat DC for setting security options and implementing accessibility features to conform to government and workplace standards.
Because this is a workshop, students are encouraged to bring in their working files (on USB if possible) if they want to work on these PDF projects specifically. Otherwise, the instructor will provide exercise files.


Adobe® Acrobat® DC is advanced software used to manipulate Portable Document Files (PDFs) now ubiquitously used for information exchange in modern offices. With the PDF format comes requirements to both retain security for documents (who gets to see and use the PDF) and to also make the documents accessible for people with limited visual capabilities.



  • Marking up a document for redaction; applying redactions
  • Changing appearance options for redactions
  • Removing hidden information and Sanitizing documents
  • Security

  • Applying PDF document Security via Password or Digital ID: restricting document opening and/or editing
  • Generating your unique digital Adobe ID with text, scans or images
  • Setting Security policies


  • Use the Accessibility Checker to evaluate a PDF
  • Understanding and generating document tags
  • Resetting logical reading order (page elements) and tabbing order (forms)
  • Creating Alternative text labels for graphics
  • Addressing Primary Language, Title and Contrast issues
  • Setting Accessibility Setup Assistant options to automate the workflow
  • Special considerations for scanned PDF content – running OCR
  • Workshop for File Accessibility and Security

  • Individual consultations on specific Acrobat issues in a workshop setting
  • Skills Taught: 

    You will:

    • Learn how to use the redaction features to “black out” sensitive content from a PDF
    • Set Security features that restrict and limit opening or editing a PDF via a secure password or digital certificate
    • Explore how a PDF establishes accessibility through correct reading order, alternate text, tagging and other conventions
    • Use Acrobat DC’s Accessibility Checker and Reports
    • Going through a document and addressing failed accessibility features until it passes