Teams for Tomorrow

Unleashing the Power of One

2 days

If you or your team are facing a major and complex challenge, if you are concerned about team cohesion or want to build a workplace of choice, then this course will meet and exceed your expectations


Human knowledge is now estimated to be doubling every 13 months! Thanks to technology, it’s pouring in every door and window of our organizations. The problems we face are more complex than ever. The pace of innovation and change is unrelenting and keeps accelerating. Gone are the days of the all-knowing hero leader when people worked FOR one another. Today, it’s about leadership at all levels and working WITH each other or risk not surviving. Our workplaces need to stay ahead of the curve and TEAMWORK or THE POWER OF ONE is where it’s at!
This course draws on thought-provoking concepts and leading-edge practices in highly successful organizations. Through values clarification, simulations, practical exercises and leadership challenges, participants will learn how to achieve 5-star results as a team while feeling the individual pride of success.
The workout will include team member self-assessment, defining success, communications and problem-solving as a team, a Team Charter and team branding. Highly experienced facilitators will guide participants through a leadership journey that will help them see the benefits of working as ONE.


Course Objectives

  • How to be a valued team member
  • Build a Team Charter
  • Create a workplace of choice
  • Achieve hi-performance

Course Benefits

  • Become an agile team, able to adapt under any circumstances
  • Strengthen working relationships
  • Focus on results

Richard Rochefort
Coach / Strategist / Speaker / Facilitator
Richard Rochefort is an expert in management, leadership and learning in the public sector. He is perfectly bilingual. He is a certified executive coach, excellent facilitator and outstanding public speaker. He is also certified in various psychometric assessments in support of his coaching practice. He has extensive experience in Canada and abroad facilitating strategic planning sessions, executive retreats, management forums and staff general assemblies. Through storytelling, practical examples and interactive exercises, he delivers dynamic workshops, learning sessions and keynote addresses on various topics such as leadership, teamwork, workplace wellness, service excellence and organizational culture change.