Writing for Success: The Fundamentals

2 days

This course is designed for those with limited experience in writing texts for government or business. Those seeking a general refresher will also find this workshop helpful to improve their English writing skills (especially if English is not their first language). Also, those who proofread the work of others will benefit from the tips.


This two-day workshop will build your confidence to prepare written documents. It will provide you with techniques to improve the style, tone, and logical flow of your routine correspondence such as emails, letters and short reports. You will gain tips on drafting a concise text that gets right to the point. It includes a review of proofreading techniques to correct common grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. You will learn a systematic process to plan, draft, and revise your texts.

  • Using a systematic process to 'ORDER' your writing time: Organize, Write, Doubt, Edit, Revise
  • Structuring a logical flow for email messages, letters and short reports
  • Creating an informative subject line and opening paragraph
  • Closing your document smoothly
  • Setting an appropriate tone
  • Proofreading for common errors in English usage, grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Applying plain language techniques for clear and effective sentences and paragraphs

Mary Ann Lopoukhine
Mary Ann Lopoukhine is a seasoned training professional with over 25 years of experience in the design and delivery of workshops to improve English writing skills.
Mary Ann has trained thousands in both the public and private sectors. She is a recognized specialist on how to write effective briefing notes, tailoring her workshops to the particular requirements of each sponsoring government department. Her training sessions are designed to be highly practical, encourage lively participation and maintain a sense of fun.