Small Projects ToolBox

3 days

Individuals who are new to project management or who have been managing small projects for some time and require training to enhance their skills.


The Small Projects Toolbox Seminar combines our 1-day Project Management Fundamentals and 2-day Introduction to Microsoft Project Seminars. The Microsoft Project portion of the course is available for versions 2003, 2007 and 2010. The Small Projects Seminar is ideal for individuals who are new to project management or who have been managing small projects for some time and require training to enhance their skills. Your ability to exploit the capabilities of Microsoft Project will be bolstered by first taking our practical, small projects methodology seminar (Project Management Fundamentals) which will put the practice of Microsoft Project into its appropriate context. The Small Projects Seminar is integrated at key points across the three days of learning.


Day 1


  • Key Definitions
  • Project Management & People
  • Project Lifecycle

Project Initiation

  • Project Identification
  • Project Charter
    • Workshop: Project Charter
  • Key Stakeholder Analysis

Project Planning

  • Scope Definition
    • Requirements
    • Work Breakdown Structures
    • WBS Dictionary
      • Workshop: WBS
  • Work Package Planning
    • WP Description
    • Work Package Activities
    • Estimating Resources
      • Time and Cost
      • Workshops

Project Base Scheduling

  • Scheduling Terms
  • Creating Schedules
    • Scheduling Exercise
  • Schedule Impacts
    • Labour Contingency
    • Overhead Loss Time
    • Workshop: Schedule

Project Plan Approval

Project Execution & Control

  • Key Definitions
  • Transition to Execution
  • Issues Management

Scope Status

  • Change Control

Project Reporting

  • Work Package Plan Updating
  • Project Level Updating
    • Project Schedule Status
    • Project Status Report

Project Close Out


Course Wrap Up

Days 2 & 3

Getting Started with Microsoft Project

  • Explore the Microsoft Project Environment
  • Configure the Microsoft Project Environment for Working Time Scheduling
  • Display a Microsoft Project Plan in Different Views

Creating a Project Plan

  • Create a New Project Plan
  • Configure a Project Calendar
  • Add Tasks to the Project Plan
  • Enter Task Duration Estimates
  • Add Resources to Tasks in the Project Plan

Managing the Tasks in a Project Plan

  • Outline Tasks
  • Add a Recurring Task
  • Link Dependent Tasks
  • Set Task Deadlines
  • Add Notes to a Task

Managing Resources in a Project Plan

  • Create Resource Calendars
  • Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Assign Additional Resources to Tasks
  • Understand Fixed Units, Fixed Duration and Fixed Work Task Type Settings
  • Enter Costs for Resources
  • Enter Values for Budget Resources
  • Resolve Resource Scheduling Conflicts

Finalizing the Project Plan

  • Display the Critical Path
  • Shorten the Project Duration
  • Set a Project Baseline
  • Print a Project Summary Report

Updating a Project Plan

  • Enter Task Progress
  • Enter Overtime Work
  • Split a Task
  • Reschedule a Task
  • Filter Tasks
  • Set an Interim Plan
  • Create a Custom Table
  • Create a Custom Report

Managing Project Costs

  • Update Cost Rate Tables
  • Group Costs
  • Creating Expense Line Item Tasks
  • Using Resource Costs
  • Link Documents to a Project Plan

Reporting Project Data Visually

  • Create a Visual Report
  • Customize a Visual Report
  • Create a Visual Report Template