Embracing Change

Change and stress management in government

2 days

Any public servant who is reading the news and looking at the emptying cubicles around you and feeling a little stressed and lost.


Like it or not, circumstances, good and bad, are always changing. So the more we can manage those changes, the more we can mold them into a benefit for us, our organization, and our clients. Through lecturettes, case studies, and table work, this workshop will show you how to better manage those changes, how to work more efficiently with less resources through time management, how to bridge the gap between the generations, genders and cultures, and how to deliver services that both ministers want and Canadians need.


In this two-day workshop you will learn about:

  • Where you fit in your department and what is expected of you
  • Understanding what the government wants and matching that to clients' needs
  • How to deal with change
  • How to deal with multigenerational and diversity issues
  • Budgeting your time by applying project management tools
  • Working more efficiently through improved time management
  • Balancing your home and work life
  • How to deal with stressful or challenging situations
  • Managing your career, from inception to retirement

Pat Masters has been a career counselor, a staffing officer, a personal coach and can bring her many years of experience in both the public and private sector to your requirement to deal with change and manage stress.