Project Risk Management

1 days

This seminar is an advanced course for project and program managers to provide enhancement and upgrade of their risk management skills.


The seminar will provide enhanced knowledge of an in-depth understanding on managing risk on a project. It demonstrates an approach to establish and log risks and assumptions to allow risk tracking and management. It will cover approaches of determining project contingencies to cover unknowns within project scope.


Introduction to risk management

  • Types of risk
  • Risk tools

Assumptions are risk

  • Assumptions are normal in planning
  • Documenting assumptions

Risk identification

  • Setting up the risk log
  • Identifying the unknowns

Risk planning

  • Approach to determining a risk score and priority
  • Risks in contracts

Risk mitigation

  • Scope risk mitigation
  • Large project labour contingency for unknowns within scope
  • Labour contingency workshop
Skills Taught: 
  • Will acquire and understand the use of best-of-breed risk management skills and tools.
  • Will be able to determine a risk score and priority for each risk identified.
  • Will be able to determine contingencies for risks within scope.
  • Will be able to develop risk mitigation plans.