Project Managers' ToolBox

Concrete practices for bringing a project in on-time

3 days

Participants who require project planning and control skills as well as project management supporting tools.


This seminar will provide participants with an organized method of planning, control and monitoring a project. In addition to basic definitions and concepts of project management, it provides a proven “how to” project management methodology for initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling a project of any size and type.

The seminar is hands-on with group workshops built around a case which leads the participants, in groups, to build a basic project plan. All materials taught are compliant with the guidelines established in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK®, from the Project Management Institute.

  • Introduction
  • Corporate Positioning for Project Management
    • Key Definitions
    • Project Management & People
    • Project Lifecycle
    • Project Management Methodology
  • Project Level Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management Components
      • Identification
      • Risk planning
      • Qualitative Assessment
      • Risk Response
      • Quantitative Assessment
      • Risk Discussion Workshop
  • Project Initiation
    • Project Identification
    • Project Definition
      • Initial Project Charter
        • Charter Workshop
      • Key Stakeholder Analysis
        • Discussion Workshop
    • Business Case/Feasibility Study
  • Project Planning
    • Scope Definition
      • Requirements
        • Updating the Project Charter
      • Work Breakdown Structures
      • WBS Dictionary
        • Workshop: WBS
      • Work Package Planning
        • WP Description
        • Work Package Activities
          • Workshop: WP Scoping
        • Estimating Resources
          • Time and Cost
          • Workshops
  • Project Base Scheduling
    • Scheduling Terms
    • Optimization Process
    • Creating Critical Path Schedules
      • Scheduling Exercises
      • Schedule Impacts
        • Labour Contingency
        • Overhead Loss Time
        • Schedule Workshop
      • Schedule Analysis & Resource Levelling
    • Project Base Budgeting
      • Project Budget
      • Performance Budget
        • Workshop: Project Budget
      • Other Budget Types
    • Project Plan Approval
      • Update Project Charter
      • Workshop & Presentation
    • Project Execution & Control
      • Key Definitions
      • Transition to Execution
      • Issues Management
    • Scope Status
      • Verification
      • Quality
      • Change Control
        • Workshop: Change
    • Project Reporting
      • Work Package Plan Updating
        • Risks & Assumptions
        • Earned Value
        • Schedule & Budget
        • WP Summary Status
      • Project Level Status
        • Scope
        • Schedule
        • Budget
        • Earned Value
        • Project Status Report
        • Update Risk & Assumptions
      • Repository
    • Project Close Out & Benefits Realization
      • Close Out Process
      • Benefits Determination
    • Conclusions
    Skills Taught: 

    By the completion of the workshop, the participants will:

    • Be aware of project management definitions and basic concepts of project management.
    • Gain an understanding of the importance of people leadership in a project.
    • Be able to develop a project plan, using a proven project management methodology, which includes a project charter, work breakdown structure, estimates at the activity level by each resource, and a baseline project schedule and project budget.
    • Be able to set up and use the following control tools; change records and logs, risk and assumptions controls, issues and actions management.
    • Be able to set up and prepare project status reports.
    • Learn how to closeout a project upon completion.

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