• New or soon-to-be Managers, Supervisors or Team Leaders
  • Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders looking to reinforce their management skills


Becoming a manager is an arduous albeit rewarding continuous exercise of learning and self-development that if not carefully managed, can forge leadership philosophies and styles in ways that may continue to haunt leaders throughout their careers.

Employees with strong individual performance are natural candidates to fulfill supervisory roles. To adjust to the new management responsibilities, these rising stars need to rely less on their existing expertise and more on skills that will allow them to effectively be in charge".

This workshop is designed for those who want to boost their leadership and management skills to the next level. You will learn how, as a current or future manager, you will need to rely less on your technical skills and much more on your conceptual and communications skills, such as planning, organizing, explaining, and inspiring.


The Basics

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of managers or supervisors
  • Discover the essential management skill set
  • Balance between supervising" and "doing"
  • Your place as a manager within the organization

Exercising Leadership

  • Identify tools to enable people to be their best
  • Strengthen your influence
  • Learn different leadership styles and how they can be used according to the situation at hand
  • Discover your natural leadership style


  • Understand when to delegate and when to do it yourself
  • Learn to delegate without losing momentum
  • Discover a simple step-by-step delegation formula
  • Acquire time management techniques that increase your capability

Commitment vs. Compliance

  • Achieve high employee engagement by getting people excited about their work
  • Apply selective engagement techniques according to employee type (superstar, deadwood, problem child, workhorse)
  • Determine when motivation is required

Communicating and Influencing

  • Communicate clearly, succintly and diplomatically
  • Learn the four critical characteristics of effective communications
  • Learn active listening techniques
  • Give meaningful feedback for good and poor performance

Planning Techniques

  • Identify the planning cycle and your role in that cycle
  • Ensure timely execution of operational actions that support management goals
  • Include others in action planning and project management

Managing Performance

  • Identify sources of performance shortfalls
  • Set achievable objectives for performance improvement
  • Negotiate agreements for change and get buy in
  • Set limits and follow through

Managing Teams

  • Identify the different stages that all teams go through
  • Get teams to focus on common goals and overcome competing interests
  • Increase your team’s ability to manage and adapt to change


  • Understand why coaching works and why it is part of your job
  • Coach for skill development and skill improvement
  • Spread around the coaching responsibility
  • Learn when not to coach
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(The) instructor added tremendous real world experience to the delivery and made it seem very simple and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anybody!"

"The instructor had an amazing sense of humour and through her anecdotes provided great examples and lots of laughs. This made learning a pleasure."

"Wouldn't change a thing about this course! — Enthusiastic, personal stories simplified complex theories so I could understand. — Excellent in all areas - engaging, intelligent, enthusiastic and positive."

"Well delivered. The instructor's knowledge was excellent. Thanks for a job well done."

"I enjoyed all parts of this course, especially the instructor and the exercises."

"An excellent depth of experience was applied to the course topics."

"I really enjoyed the course but I especially enjoyed the instructor! I would love to have her at my dinner table."

"Excellent course and excellent instructor! I enjoyed coming to class every day!"

"Excellent instructor, course was exactly as presented/outlined."

"The fact that we can walk away and immediately apply what we've learned to the job is fantastic."

"Experience and real life stories from the instructor makes the material hit home."

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. Many "a-ha" moments."

"All very applicable to day to day work environment."

"Best course I've taken in 12 years in the OPS."

"Good balance of hands-on and discussions. Never felt as though I was being lectured to. All lessons in each section connected back to the "bigger picture""

"Excellent facilitator - funny, engaging, knowledgeable and wise. I would recommend anyone and everyone."

"Very enlightening especially for someone new to management."

"Excellent facilitator and 3 days were well spent and learned lots to take with me."

"This is fantastic for anyone who is considering management all the way up to "seasoned" mangers wanting a refresher."

"Style was fun and kept me interested throughout the course."

"I feel this is work that I can take back and help me improve my performance."