Employees, supervisors, and managers at all levels of the organization.


As employees are slowly returning to the office setting after a long period of absence and unprecedented change, we can expect that things will be different, with unanticipated change yet to come. Change may include a hybrid workplace, different work hours, location, or new protocols. Some may feel the effect of labour shortage, while others may feel the stress and strain on mental health and wellbeing, as part of the new realities. With this in mind, we have choices on how we manage and respond to challenging situations. This one-day workshop is designed for you to learn basic mindfulness tools to manage emotions, gain perspective on uncontrollable situations, and be better grounded to perform at an optimum level in the workplace. You will learn important context around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, and how scientifically proven mindfulness practices can have both mental and physical benefits. The time-tested and research-based mindfulness practice can be learned and adopted (with patience and perseverance!) to help you manage thoughts, emotions and respond skillfully to daily situations with various approaches. Value-Added Services - Individual Coaching By being a participant in this workshop, you will have access to our facilitator and mindful leadership coach to support personalized learning, via two one-hour sessions of coaching, at the additional cost of $450. Building on skills learned in the workshop, coaching can support you in addressing your unique circumstances. With this option, the total cost of $995 plus HST includes the course and coaching sessions.

Instruction Methodology

This program is delivered virtually, by an expert on the topic of “mindfulness”. This facilitated session includes lecture periods, a slide presentation, interactive discussions and exercises.


  • Introduction to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • The workings of the mind
  • The workings of the brain
  • How the brain and the mind work together to manifest thought, emotion and action
  • The biochemistry of the body that relates to emotion and stress
  • How stress can impact health and wellbeing
  • Mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing
  • How to live a mindful way of life
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Course Outline


“Lalith was wonderful – I was very happy with the course.” “Lalith struck a good balance of personal stories/insights and instructional material to make it interesting and easy to understand. The exercises/guided meditation and breathing is an important aspect of the course.” “The course was a good and convincing introduction to a subject I was not very knowledgeable about and for which I frankly harboured some skepticism. I can see potential benefit for myself and my family in what I learned and I hope to follow up and learn more.” “Lalith was such a pleasure!”