Policy Analysts' ToolBox

Effective tools for good public policy

***This course is delivered in half-day segments and has a temporary five-day duration.

3 days

This course is designed for policy analysts, program officers and subject-matter experts at the EC/PM-2 to EC/PM-7 levels or equivalent and for managers. New recruits or seasoned policy analysts will all benefit from this workshop.


Designed with both policy analysts and subject-matter experts in mind, this workshop will provide you with some effective tools that will help in formulating good public policy. You will learn how to identify a clear problem and set realistic objectives; how to analyze problems and their solutions; and how to assess and identify the best options.

  • Identifying the causes of a problem
  • Behavioural and environmental profiling through a fishbone analysis
  • Identifying and evaluating a full range of policy instruments
  • Reviewing alternative forms of regulation (when applicable to the group)
  • Benefit-cost screening
  • Creating a logic model
  • Assessing consequences and tradeoffs

Well done. Good course for new or experienced regulatory development officers. I learned a number of things that filled in gaps ..."

"Since I am new to my job in policy, this was a very good introduction for me. I will be strongly suggesting that I attend other courses offered."

"The instructor is awesome!"

"Should be a required course for people starting in Policy. I could have used it 2 years ago."

"One of the best courses I have ever attended. Thanks to the Building Blocks team and especially the instructor for a very educational standards."

"Thank you - I got exactly what I was looking for."