Specialized Programs

Organizations come in all shapes and sizes. This can sometimes leave you uncertain as to whether or not the typical learning options will meet your specific needs. Often you can be sure they won’t. Not everyone likes their learning environment to involve a group. There are many circumstances where individual training is better for an individual who needs in depth knowledge in a compressed timeframe to handle a difficult project or to position themselves for career advancement. Finally, there are times when it is helpful to see specialized knowledge in action, especially applied to an issue that is of importance to you. For these situations and more we provide a select range of specialized services designed to resolve the challenges you are encountering regardless of complexity, scale or duration.

Managers and executives at all levels are short on time and have a great deal expected of them. This leaves most with a need for learning but little opportunity to address that need. Taking a day or a week to attend a session is frequently not an option. For the senior leader we offer outstanding executive coaching that can get you the help you want whether you are an EX -1 or an EX5.
Despite the traditional view of coaching as a one-on-one exercise we have found that there is a significant value to be had with group coaching. This can be used to resolve issues within a group, help a group tackle a particularly challenging project or to understand the changes that the learning through coaching inevitably bring to the organization. It can be very useful to have everyone “inside the tent.”

When you have specific learning requirements that do not appear in the training catalogue rest assured that we have the capability to provide for your needs. Custom services are designed to address your own organization unique needs and will be tailored to your audience. Only the most experienced of our instructors deliver our customized programs given the significant instructional design component. You will benefit from their agility, deep expertise and practical experience while acquiring knowledge in a precisely tailored session.

The Cannabis Institute for Policy and Learning was created in partnership with the University of Alberta to help government, corporations and non-government organizations adapt to the rapidly shifting landscape that is emerging with the legalization of cannabis. Grounded in research, our expert leaders offer courses, consulting services and products to provide guidance through the emerging challenges and liabilities in the workplace. The data shows that most workplaces have not yet implemented policies of accommodation for medical cannabis. Now that recreational cannabis is about to be legalized, it adds an additional set of cultural, policy and legal issues into the mix. The Institute provides expertise, context and research to help you mitigate risk to yourself and your organization. We accomplish this by teasing out the evidence-based truths from the tangled mass of information so that you can see past the confusion and get confidently to a new normal.

These workshops are designed assist you in grooming your staff to successfully select, plan, execute, control and close out projects. At the core of our training, is our Project Management Methodology which is compliant with the standards of the Project Management Institute.

At one point in your career the challenge was to develop your skills and display your value to the organization. This has led to a management position but no manager can accomplish the objectives in their area of responsibility without strong leadership skills. Leadership training must be appropriate to the level at which is will be applied. We provide sessions for all levels and covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced leadership techniques. It should be noted that more senior leaders tend to rely on coaching rather than course based training as it is more able to accommodate the overfull schedules and nuanced issues faced by senior executives.