Understanding Unconscious Bias

Creating Conscious Leadership

1.5 hours

Team members, supervisors and managers at all levels of the organization.


The spotlight is shining brightly on all of today’s leaders in this time of global social change. With our leaders in law enforcement, the emphasis is on transformational leadership. The need to embrace the creation of a culture of belonging and inclusion is paramount. If you are in a position to influence change within your organization or community, this program is designed to help bring greater awareness and understanding around the topic of “unconscious bias”. While it shows how creating a mind-set of racial judgment and divide can happen daily without knowing, it can also set a path for what can be done about it.

Instruction Methodology: 

This program is delivered virtually, with a world-leading expert on the topic of “unconscious bias”. It is a facilitated session, with lecture, guided discussions and presentations.

    Included with the program:
  • One copy of the revised edition “Everyday Bias: Identifying and Overcoming Unconscious Prejudice in Our Daily Lives” by Howard J. Ross
  • Access to volume discount purchase, starting at 50 copies or more
  • Leadership session facilitated by author, world leader and speaker, Howard J. Ross
  • Pre-course questionnaire completed by participants to kick start reflection on topics of diversity and unconscious bias; completed questionnaires will only be shared with the session facilitator
  • Adjusted content to the delivery based on insights gained from participants’ questionnaires
  • Focus on the topic of “unconscious bias” and what it means for your workplace
  • Integration of Indigenous relations and police services
  • The real meaning behind inclusion and belonging
  • Approach and strategies to respond to the renewed call for social justice

Howard Ross
Howard Ross is a lifelong social justice advocate and is considered one of the world’s seminal thought leaders on identifying and addressing unconscious bias. Howard has specialized in the synthesis of neuro-cognitive and social science research and direct application re: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility work. His client work has focused on the areas of corporate culture change, leadership development, and managing diversity. Howard is regularly called upon to speak in Canada and around the world, and has worked with Canadian public servants and companies for over 20 years. His commitment to social justice is strongly felt with his work in advising policing organizations world- wide with an underlying belief that now more that ever our men and women who are tasked to keep us safe need guidance and support. He advocates that issues facing our Indigenous communities must remain top of our agenda, and that we as a society must work together on being part of a greater understanding and change. Ross has successfully implemented large-scale organizational culture change in the area of managing diversity and cultural integration in academic institutions, professional services corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and retail, health care, media, and governmental institutions in 47 of the United States and over 40 countries worldwide.