Mindfulness for Resilience and Wellbeing

A one-day webinar with national reach that invites coast-to-coast-to-coast participation

1 days

Team members, supervisors and managers at all levels of the organization.


COVID-19 has created an extraordinary situation for the workplace, where norms have changed and paradigms have shifted. Working from home is only one example of the changes that have impacted most of us, and which has had repercussions on work, family and social life. Other changes include new organizational programs, objectives and expected outcomes that are emerging as we are living through these challenging times. Resulting stress, negative thoughts and emotions manifest themselves into mental constructs that can move the mind towards anxiety, fear, anger and despair. Stress is insidious and subtle. It can creep into the mind and the body, and have lasting physical and mental health impacts.

This one-day webinar will provide important context around mental health and the workplace, and will expose participants to the practice of mindfulness. Participants will receive practical tools and methods to support them in managing emotion, and gaining perspective on uncontrollable situations due to external factors. The time-tested and research-based mindfulness practice can be learned and adopted (with patience and perseverance!) to help participants manage thoughts and emotions and respond to daily situations with an approach that is easier and less stressful.

Instruction Methodology: 

This program is delivered virtually, by an expert on the topic of “mindfulness”. This facilitated session includes lecture periods, a slide presentation, interactive discussions and exercises.

  • Introduction to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, COVID realities
  • The workings of the mind
  • The workings of the brain
  • How the brain and the mind work together to manifest thought, emotion and action
  • The biochemistry of the body that relates to emotion and stress
  • How stress can impact health and wellbeing
  • Mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing
  • How to live a mindful way of life
  • Two guided meditation practices

“Lalith was wonderful – I was very happy with the course.”

“Lalith struck a good balance of personal stories/insights and instructional material to make it interesting and easy to understand. The exercises/guided meditation and breathing is an important aspect of the course.”

“The course was a good and convincing introduction to a subject I was not very knowledgeable about and for which I frankly harboured some skepticism. I can see potential benefit for myself and my family in what I learned and I hope to follow up and learn more.”

“Lalith was such a pleasure!”