Master Class in Leadership

with Pat Masters

***This course is delivered remotely in smaller half-day segments and has a temporary three-day duration.***

2 days

If you have taken any leadership courses before, this course is for you. From senior leaders to those starting out in a leadership position, including those who lead projects or initiatives, this course is designed to build on your experience and bring your leadership skills to the next level. For past participants of the Leadership and Management Skills Boot Camp, this course has been built with you in mind to expand your leadership approach and toolkit.


This course is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the delivery of quality leadership facilitation. This program is designed to build upon your experience as a leader and encourage you to challenge your thoughts and practices and to support you in your journey of discovery and self-improvement. Come prepared to participate in group work and to allow for the thought-provoking experiential learning techniques, that will serve you in all aspects of your work and your personal life. You will have the opportunities to practice new learnings in a safe environment with some of the best learning coming from facilitation and peer feedback. Expect this course to go beyond any leadership course you have taken before. Delivered in a boot-camp style format, you will hit the road running, and as senior leaders, it is designed to engage you fully.

Master Class in leadership with Pat Masters

Instruction Methodology: 

Lecturettes, discussion, video, and case study.


Identifying leaders

  • Leadership traits
  • Underpinnings of traits

Mobilizing Others

  • Telling the ‘why’

Communications as a critical skill

  • Being 100% honest and respectful
  • Communicating strategically

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Barriers to E-I
  • Links between E-I and performance

The leader as servant

  • Serving others for success

Being the Strategic Leader

  • Key questions for the strategic leader

Leadership and Change

  • Identifying the critical mass
  • Finding the ‘tipping point’
  • Getting others onboard

Public Service Realities

  • Managing change, complexity and stability
  • Coping skills for managing a diverse workplace

Pat Masters
Pat Masters is a Senior Consultant to several international consulting organizations. She brings considerable experience (25+ years) in both public and private sector organizations. Her areas of knowledge and skills include management development, project management, strategic and operational planning, leadership, communication skills, problem solving and decision making, human resource management, development of internal consulting skills, organizational behaviour issues, facilitation and organizational development. Ms. Masters has a strong, capability for finding innovative approaches and solutions to meet management needs. Her facilitation and delivery style is dynamic, highly experiential. She takes the mystery out of complicated management, administrative and information systems.