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The Challenges of Communicating on Cannabis

A controversial issue like cannabis use is a complex topic for communications. On one hand there are the medical users of cannabis who can face discrimination, require privacy and need accommodation. On the other hand, there are consequences for workplace safety if impairment is not adequately managed. Effective risk communication needs to lay out the information, including associated consequences and liabilities, so that people can make informed decisions. (Free)

Cannabis Readiness Checklist

This checklist highlights the issues affected by cannabis legalization and the policies that need to be reviewed and/or developed in order to mitigate risk and be compliant. (Free)

How to Implement Cannabis Policies

A high level guide describing the different areas impacted by cannabis legalization and what to do to prepare for imminent change. (Free)

White paper - Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

This white paper uncovers the charter-based challenges that resulted in the court decisions requiring the Canadian government to legalize cannabis. The government platform is reviewed and how the different levels of government engage in the policies of implementation. Some anticipated challenges are discussed as they pertain to the likelihood of success.

White paper - Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis has been available in Canada since 2001 and over the years has been prescribed for an increasing number of ailments to a growing number of users. This white paper reviews the literature on different uses, and outlines some of the challenges for prescribed users to obtain and consume their cannabis.

White paper - Managing Impairment

Managing impairment is a high-profile issue that will not be resolved in the near future. Unlike alcohol, there is no definitive test of cannabis impairment, or indeed an acceptable level of impairment for reliable operation of a vehicle. This paper reviews the literature of the work that has been done, and describes the nature of the challenges of managing impairment in the workplace and in society at large.


Course Follow-up

After each course, we welcome a call (30 minutes max.) from participants to review a concept presented in the course and to review the checklist that was provided as a takeaway. (Free) More detailed discussion would be carried out with a policy or communications consulting engagement.

Cannabis Specialist Recruitment

The Institute provides recruitment services to identify and train individuals for cannabis related work. Whether the need is in policy development, implementation, change management or accommodation, we can provide customized services to meet the requirement.

Research Summary & Analysis

Leveraging the Institute’s familiarity with the research, this service supplies available evidence to support an organization’s information requirements. Relevant research is assembled, summarized and analyzed to accelerate your work.

HR and Policy Consulting

The service is for organizations that seek expertise in developing new policies and adapting old ones to be compliant with the new legislation. Employers have responsibilities to not only have policies, but to implement and uphold them to a high standard. Employers that do not have effective policies in place face risks and liabilities that could lead to legal challenge. The Institute’s policy experts can support your cannabis policy requirements during this transition.

Risk Communications Consulting

Employers have a duty to communicate with employees and the public (if appropriate) about policy changes in the organization. Effective risk communication lays out the information, including associated consequences and liabilities, so that people can make informed decisions. This service is based on behavior science and customized to influence judgment, decision making and behavior in your organization.