Our Team

The Cannabis Institute for Policy and Learning

The Cannabis Institute for Policy and Learning was created to help organizations adapt to the rapidly shifting landscape that is emerging with the legalization of cannabis. Grounded in research, our expert leaders offer courses, consulting services and products to provide guidance through the emerging challenges and liabilities in the workplace.

The Institute is owned and operates under the umbrella of Building Blocks Learning Network, founded in 2003 with the mandate to provide training and consulting services to all levels of government and the business community. These services are offered across Canada and on-demand worldwide.

Our team of experts has been involved in professional and leadership development for over 25 years, and has deep experience in several areas such as human resources, policy development, project management, program performance management, and strategic planning. They also offer a mix of experience across both small and large organizations, in the private and public sectors, and have worked across the country and internationally. They are keenly following the development and implementation of the Cannabis Act and the transformational impact that legalization will have on government, business and the economy, and have already had the opportunity to work with some organizations in dealing with emerging challenges and opportunities. We look forward to continue building on this wealth of information, and working with you to assist your team and organization in dealing with the new way forward.