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101 Core Workshops for Public Servants

As part of a tiered approach to training, Building Blocks provides a series of one-day, entry level workshops, called the 101 series. After carefully considering and discussing core competencies with many of our clients, we are certain that you will find these workshops to be relevant you. Regardless of your level or position, the information and skills highlighted in these workshops are fundamental to your work in government. The workshops will provide you with a maximum of information and how-to knowledge, scaled to a single day.

Afterward, you can elect to take more in-depth workshops that expand upon the topics featured in any one-day workshop.

Common elements for 101 workshops:
(Please note: How Government Works 101 is three-day workshop)
  • Maximum value within one day
  • Focus around ten key points
  • Skills-oriented, not theoretical
  • Bullet-proofing - Avoiding common traps
  • Providing tools for the real-world of a government department
How you can work effectively in government
3 days

This workshop provides both a broad and a detailed road map of government. You will learn about the mechanics of government and Parliament, policy-making and budgetary processes, legislation, and regulations. You can use this workshop as a starting point for our other workshops that provide intensive training in one particular skill set.

What you need to know to sell your ideas and work within a hierarchy
1 day

You have completed your policy analysis, a project plan, a draft contribution agreement or maybe you just need to get agreement on your vacation plan. Now you need to communicate this: maybe you actually need to sell it, a term that public servants hate to use. You will learn how to adjust your message according to your audience, the rudiments of an effective presentation, how to be assertive, and how to take feedback.

What all public servants need to know about financial stewardship
1 day

Public servants are trusted with Canadians’ hard earned tax dollars to run their programmes. That means that there is a higher level of expectations and scrutiny placed on financial stewardship in government compared to the private sector. This workshop provides an ethical, legal, and policy-based perspective on the management of money within a government programme. Your will learn about the laws and policies that govern expenditures and some of the issues that you will be faced with as you or your colleagues deal with committing government funds.

An introduction to How Policies are Developed
1 day

This workshop provides an introduction to policy development for both subject-matter experts and policy analysts. You will learn how policies are developed within government, the difference between big- and small-P policy and policy instruments and a basic analytical framework within which policy can be formulated and analyzed.

An introduction to better controlling your workdays
1 day

Projects, tasks, do-its, to-dos, ministerial dockets, QPs: this is the day-to-day world that you live in. This course will provide you with a suite of basic tools to help you manage your work, your time, and thereby reduce your level of stress. You will learn how to scope a project, leading to a more robust project plan; how to manage your time more effectively, and how to balance multiple and competing demands on your time.