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How Government Works and Key Public Service Priorities

Get a detailed roadmap of the machinery of government and learn how to deliver on key public service priorities.
How you can work effectively in government
3 days

This workshop provides both a broad and a detailed road map of government. You will learn about the mechanics of government and Parliament, policy-making and budgetary processes, legislation, and regulations. You can use this workshop as a starting point for our other workshops that provide intensive training in one particular skill set.

Deliverology: Helping to create a climate of programs focused on results

2 days

This course addresses your need for a better understanding of the government’s new Policy on Results and its delivery approach.

What all public servants need to know about financial stewardship
1 day

Public servants are trusted with Canadians’ hard earned tax dollars to run their programmes. That means that there is a higher level of expectations and scrutiny placed on financial stewardship in government compared to the private sector. This workshop provides an ethical, legal, and policy-based perspective on the management of money within a government programme. Your will learn about the laws and policies that govern expenditures and some of the issues that you will be faced with as you or your colleagues deal with committing government funds.

A service leadership course for professionals and teams

2 days

This world class, two-day service excellence course is mission-critical for all public service professionals who provide services to citizens in person, by phone or via the internet.