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Executive Services

We believe that leaders face unique demands and challenges in today’s constantly changing work environment, with limited time to devote to their own professional development. Where do leaders find the support they are looking for, and quickly obtain information that is relevant to their specific needs?

Our Executive Services are designed to assist in career development, supporting you in reaching the next level. With over 50 years of collective experience, our team of seasoned, certified Executive Coaches delivers services anchored in the Royal Roads Executive coaching model.

Executive Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is a one-to-one program allowing a flexible “real-time” approach to personal and career development. It is the commitment of the coach to work in a non-judgemental manner, designing a program specifically for you.

Learn more about our program and our coaching packages.

Retreat Facilitators

Our coaches are adept at speaking engagements. Based on the principles of the coaching methodology, our facilitators will help establish buy-in of corporate objectives, provide tools for overcoming growth obstacles and facilitate planning exercises for execution.

See how our facilitators can help.

Keynote Speakers

Whether you are looking to kick-off an event, launch a new initiative, or engage your participants, a keynote speaker, within the space of an hour or less, can communicate core concepts of governance, clarify emerging issues or establish credibility in a succinct and entertaining fashion.

More about our Keynote Speaker services.


The two-day, Coaching: A Leadership Skill course can lead the way to promoting a coaching culture in the workplace. All levels of management will benefit from learning how their leadership skills can help optimize their time, their staff contributions, and overall productivity through adopting a coaching approach.

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