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Governance of an Organization’s Project Environment

In order to have great project management performance as an organization, that organization must have:

  1. matured in its capability to successfully identify and complete the right programs and projects that have the maximum impact on the organizations objectives and goals; and
  2. the right project, program and portfolio management governance structures in place.

There are several criteria to be considered to determine if the organization really needs to establish some form of project environment governance. If one or more of these criteria can be answered positively, then some form of project environment governance should be considered. The basic criteria are:

  • The organization delivers all or a substantial portion of its products or services through projects.
  • The organization consumes a significant amount of its annual resources on projects.
  • There is a requirement for tight control to protect the delivery of services, corporate image and/or the bottom line.
  • The organization needs consistent methodology approaches across project types and most projects require cross functional resources.

Project Management Governance requires a structure that includes:

  • Executive and senior management oversight.
  • Project policy, procedures, systems, methods and tools support.
  • Knowledgeable portfolio managers and project sponsors (sometimes the same person).
  • Portfolio and project managers input to processes, methods, practices and systems to be commonly used should be in place.

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