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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be PMI-certified to take CPG courses?
No. Anyone can benefit from CPG courses. Furthermore, CPG courses not only benefit project managers but are designed to help staff at all levels in the organization contribute to the successful support of corporate objectives through project management.

I am an experienced project manager with six years of experience. Which CPG course is right for me?
As an experienced project manager you would benefit more from our Advanced Project Management ToolBox course as it focuses more heavily on the executive leadership aspects of project governance (strategic project selection, feasibility and risk assessment, and business case analysis), while the Project Managers' ToolBox focuses on the specific practical aspects of the project's technical lifecycle (planning, initiation, monitoring, closeout, etc.)

Why does Building Blocks use the word ToolBox for some of its courses?
As the word suggests, these courses are designed to provide participants with a set of best practices, processes and tools to help them perform their job better; and as with any tool, those provided in our courses are instruments to enable operators to better perform the required tasks. That is why we use the word toolbox: as a means to illustrate the collection of processes, skills and tools transferred from trainers to participants.

Specifically speaking, what sets Building Blocks apart from other project management training providers?
We have found no evidence showing that other project management training providers use a comparable approach to that of CPG. The main differences are twofold: a) no other training provider offers training in the corporate planning layer of project management; and b) The complementary approach of the tools and processes taught supports the concepts and widely-accepted principles of the PMBOK, and acts as a catalyst by teaching how to bring these principles from concepts to actionable operations.

Does CPG offer customizable training and services?
Yes. CPG offers a variety of flexibility options for all of its products and services. Our products are adjustable (training can be shortened, expanded and segmented); can be customized (adapted to specific needs and projects in a given environment); can work in tandem with add-on consulting services; and can scale (re-configured to handle projects from a few thousand to a few million dollars).

I am not a project manager. How can I benefit from this training?
VPs and executives can benefit from understanding how their programs and portfolios align with corporate objectives as well as how to ensure that sensible project approval checkpoints are in place through sound business cases and feasibility studies.

Functional managers can benefit from a better understanding on how their projects are being resourced and how they play with the overall resource distribution among other projects and everyday activities.

Workers at all levels can benefit from gaining an understanding on how performing their tasks impacts the achievement of the projects in which their teams are involved.