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Corporate Planning and Project Selection

1 day

Senior level managers and senior project managers who an interest in the interaction of corporate planning and project selection for the organization.


Prior to the commencement of the project initiation process, organizations need to establish a formal corporate planning process which includes a methodology for the identification, prioritization and selection of potential projects. All too frequently projects are selected for implementation without reference to overriding corporate strategies. The seminar will be focused on the corporate planning environment, including modelling the annual corporate planning process, linking the corporate process to portfolio management and project selection. Risks to the organization and executives will be examined if projection selection is poorly done. Participants will not only be exposed to important concepts and terminology, but will also be presented with a case which will be the basis for several workshops, include designing a corporate planning process and project selection.

  • Introduction to the Seminar
    • Overview of the seminar
    • Front end to effective project management
  • Corporate Risk and Project Selection
    • Corporate risk
    • Executive risk
    • Approaches to overcoming corporate risk
  • Corporate Planning
    • Corporate planning process – a model
    • Participant discussion on their organization's process
    • Workshop: Corporate planning modelling
  • Portfolio Management
    • Portfolio management definitions
    • Requirements for portfolio management
    • Portfolio management optional structures
    • Workshop: Defining portfolios
  • Project Selection
    • Project selection methodology
    • Project selection model
    • Participant discussion on their organization’s process
    • Workshop: Project selection
  • Conclusion and Wrap Up
Instruction Methodology: 

A combination of lecture, practical case, workshops, and discussion is used in this seminar.

Skills Taught: 
  • Link corporate planning, project selection and the project lifecycle.
  • Define portfolio management and connect to corporate planning.
  • Review a methodology for project selection.
  • Discuss the importance of project risk, potential impacts on the sponsoring organization and executives.