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Project Initiation and Feasibility Studies

1 day

For senior managers and senior project managers who need to understand the importance of project feasibility studies and business cases as a key part of project initiation.


To provide insight to the purpose and process of conduct project feasibility studies and/or business cases as a necessary prelude to approving the commencement of a project of any type or size. The project audience is organizational senior managers who should be reviewing and approving project and project managers who will either conduct the feasibility study or receive the results of one after approval. This workshop will review all feasibility/business case aspects needed to ensure a project will result in benefits to the organization. The workshop will demonstrated the relationship of feasibility studies to the project initiation phase and to the determination of project fit with corporate goals and objectives.


Introduction to the workshop/seminar

  • Purpose of the work shop
  • Definitions
  • Corporate planning process - a model
  • Project life cycle as it relates to corporate planning
  • Management responsibility levels and project management governance

The Project Initiation Phase

  • The project initiation model
  • Initial Project Identification
  • Project definition and management's approval role
  • Discussion workshop
  • The difference between a feasibility study and a business case
  • Crisis and contingency projects

Conduct Feasibility Study

  • The feasibility study model
  • The technical feasibility process
  • The market feasibility process
  • The financial/economic feasibility process
  • Other feasibility considerations
    • Work force impact
    • Community/social/public relations impacts
    • Political impact
  • Feasibility discussion workshops
  • Products of the feasibility study/business case processes

Management Approval Process

  • Management responsibility and role
  • Project manager's role


Instruction Methodology: 

Seminar/workshop approach to presenting mixed with team practical workshops.

Skills Taught: 
  • Become familiar with the fit of a project life cycle with the corporate strategic planning process.
  • Become familiar with the project Initiation Phase of a project and it’s intent in organizational success in executing projects.
  • Become knowledgeable with the process of conducting a project feasibility study to include the usual parts of the feasibility study; market, technical, financial, organizational impact and fit and project relationship to corporate goals and objectives.
  • Become knowledgeable with the process of conducting a business case to determine the payback impact of a given project.
  • Be knowledgeable of the products of a feasibility study and/or business case.
  • Understand senior management’s role and responsibility in reviewing project feasibility studies and business cases and the resulting approval process.