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Project Management Concepts for Functional Managers

2 days

This seminar is designed specifically for functional managers from directors to supervisors in organizations who provide resources to a number of projects usually in a matrix type environment.


Functional managers from every area of an organization, professional, technical and administrative, are impacted by projects on an on-going basis. They have called on to supply resources, their operations can be changed by the implementation of new systems and procedures put in place by projects or facility changes. In some cases in supplying resources they also accrue responsibilities for the work of their people working on projects. This seminar provides an overview of roles and responsibilities of functional managers regards projects. It also provides them with an overview of the planning and reporting requirements from projects imposed on their assigned functional teams working on projects.



  • Corporate positioning for project management
  • Key definitions
  • Project management & people
  • Project lifecycle
  • Project management methodology
  • A corporate governance model

Project management in a matrix environment

  • What is a matrix organization
  • Types of matrices
  • Roles and responsibilities of the project and functional managers

Managing dispersed teams

  • Product focus on dispersed team assignments
  • Use of technology for close communications

Functional manager roles during project planning

  • Scope planning support
    • Providing scope definition support
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development support
  • Work package planning
    • Defining the work package(s) assigned to the functional group
    • Estimating and costing work
  • Support of project scheduling
    • Resource planning
    • Committing to the scheduled use of the function’s resources
  • Committing to the project

Functional manager roles during project execution

  • Ensuring timely work package reporting
  • Ongoing coordination with the project manager
    • Supervision of functional work package leaders
    • Impact of change management
    • Quality assurance
    • Resolution of issues and actions
    • Resource work-arounds as required


Instruction Methodology: 

This seminar will use a combination of lecture, discussion, practical case, group workshops, and discussion groups.

Skills Taught: 
  • Gain an understanding of how projects usually work
  • More effectively manage their groups work within a matrix organization in support of projects
  • Are better prepared to supervise the production of their functional groups contribution to planning a project
  • Are better prepared to supervise their functional teams performance during the execution of a projects