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Estimating the Project's Work

1 day

This seminar is designed for functional team leaders and members who will work on projects and need to know how to estimate time and costs for their portion of a project.


In order to have a sound project plan, while everything is dependent upon having a well defined project scope which has identified all of the project’s work packages (tasks), in order the achieve a good schedule and budget, we are dependent on good estimates being developed within the work packages at the activity level and then being able to roll those number up in to project level schedules and budgets. The estimating should be accomplished by the functional groups involved for each of their work packages. This seminar provides the estimating process and tools to be used to accomplish these work estimates.



  • Key Definitions
  • Project planning cycles
  • Planning roles and responsibilities

Project Planning

  • Scope Definition
    • The Project Charter
    • Work Breakdown Structures
      • WBS Dictionary
  • Work Package Planning
    • WP Description
    • Work Package Activities
      • Workshop: WP Scoping
    • Estimating Resources
      • Estimating people time
      • Estimating other than labor
      • Schedule and cost
      • Workshops

How estimates impact the project schedule and budget

  • Applying contingency
  • Schedule impacts
  • Budget Impacts


Instruction Methodology: 

This seminar uses combination of lecture, discussion, practical case, and group workshops.

Skills Taught: 
  • Can prepare a work package plan as a part of a project plan
  • Understands the relationship of a work package as a part of a project
  • Can define the work of a work package
  • Can estimate a person’s time for an activity in a work package
  • Can develop and overall schedule and budget for a work package