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Complex Project Scope Planning

1 day

This seminar is designed for senior project managers and directors and their planning teams who are or will be involved in a large complex project or program. The seminar assumes good project management knowledge and the basics of planning a project.


The completeness of any project plan depends largely upon the completeness of requirements and scope definition conducted as a first major step of planning. In large complex projects, this becomes very critical to being able to estimate and forecast the budget and schedule of the project with any degree of accuracy. Large complex projects are often multi-functional and multi-organizational in nature. Hence the representation of the various functions and organizations in the scope planning process is also critical to success.

  • Introduction
    • What is a complex project
    • Characteristics of Large Complex Projects
    • Impacts of long projects on planning
  • The planning process model
  • Planning environment
    • Planning team
    • Planning location
    • Planning support
      • Software support
      • Staff support
  • Complex scope planning
    • Producing the project charter
      • Requirements definition
      • The Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Large project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development
      • Major product elements
      • Project phasing impacts
      • Three step development process
      • WBS coding
    • Workshops
  • Conclusion
  • Instruction Methodology: 

    A combination of lecture, discussion, practical case, group workshops will be used.

    Skills Taught: 
    • How to identify and assemble a planning team for a large, complex project.
    • How to development statements of work and project charters.
    • How to develop work breakdown structures for large complex projects