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Advanced Project Managers' ToolBox

4 days
  • Participants ready to become senior project/program managers/directors.
  • Senior project and program managers and others looking to enhance their project management professional skills.


  • The Project Managers' ToolBox or equivalent course on project planning and control, or
  • a PMP (or equivalent), or
  • 5 years of project management experience.

The seminar will provide enhanced knowledge as to how to establish a governance structure for projects at the corporate and project levels. It will provide advanced skills in defining project scope and contingency planning as well as an in-depth understanding on managing risk on a project. It will provide superior planning skills for project level schedule and budget structuring as well as improved skills for controlling the successful completion of a project.

  • Introduction
    • Concepts overview
    • Life cycles
      • Multi-phased project life cycle
      • Multi-release product cycles
  • People and Communications
    • Leadership of the team
      • Leadership principles
      • Managing multi-cultural, multi-language team members
    • Communications
      • Communications audiences
      • Communications media
      • Communications impacts
    • Project Meetings
    • Stakeholder relations management
  • Organizing for large, complex corporate project environments
    • A corporate governance model
      • The role of the Executive
      • Portfolio management
      • The use and roles of PMOs
  • Organizing for large, complex projects/programs
    • The project office
    • Project management in a matrix environment
    • Managing dispersed teams
      • Product focus on dispersed team assignments
      • Use of technology for close communications
      • Project Manager prepared to travel
    • Discussion Group Workshops
  • Risk Management
    • Risk tools
    • Assumptions are risk
      • Documenting assumptions
    • Risk planning
    • Risk mitigation
      • Scope risk mitigation
      • Large project labour contingency
      • Labour contingency workshop
  • Project Initiation
    • Connection with corporate strategic planning
    • Project selection process
      • Selection gates
      • Selection criteria
      • Project selection discussion workshop
    • The Initiation Process
    • Project definition
      • Initial project charter
        • workshop
      • Key Stakeholder analysis
        • Workshop
      • Plan feasibility study/business case effort
    • Feasibility study
      • Purpose
      • Technical Feasibility
      • Management feasibility
      • Market Feasibility
      • Financial Feasibility
      • Capability and capacity feasibility
      • Preparing a high level project forecast
    • Business case development
      • Purpose
      • Developing the financial justification
    • Workshops
    • Management decision process
  • Project Planning
    • The planning process model
    • Planning environment
    • Expanded scope planning
      • Requirements definition
      • The Statement of Work (SOW)
      • Large project WBS development
      • Workshops
    • Large project phased forecasting and estimating
      • Classes of estimates
      • Determining contingencies
      • Supervising and reviewing estimates
      • Workshops
    • Resource allocation and management concerns across the project schedule
    • Large project budget planning
      • Developing planned value, commitment and cash flow budgets
      • Understanding budget graphic tools
  • Enhanced Project Control
    • Product scope management
      • Quality management
      • Change management
      • Technical Documentation management
    • Schedule and budget control forecasting and management
      • Updating and forecasting
      • Earned value analysis
      • Trend analysis
      • Forecasting Workshop
  • Conclusions
Instruction Methodology: 

A combination of lecture, discussion, practical case, group workshops and discussion groups.
Participants receive a course workbook, case materials and workshop handouts.

Skills Taught: 

Upon completion of this seminar, the participants:

  • Will have an advanced understanding of dealing with complex project organizations involving dispersed, multi-cultural teams
  • Will have a thorough grasp of project selection and initiation processes
  • Will acquire and understand the use of best-of-breed risk management skills and tools.
  • Will have advanced project planning skills with emphasis on:
    • Work breakdown structures for large complex projects
    • Determining project contingency in large complex projects
    • Developing schedules that include and manage labour contingency and overhead loss times across an extended time frame
    • Develop complex project budgets for planned value (performance), commitments and cash flow.
  • Will obtain improved skills in change control and schedule and budget forecasting using trend analysis and earned value techniques