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MPLS Fundamentals

1 day

Individuals that need to gain a general understanding of the MPLS VPNs.

Prerequisites: The Student should have a firm understanding of Wide Area Networking protocols, TCP/IP, routing, and Local Area Networking. Networking Foundations: series and TCP/IP: Fundamentals is recommended.


This one-day course reviews the concepts of MPLS switching and delivers the concepts of the Multi-Protocol Label Switching from a standards approach.



  • The IP Routing Paradigm
  • Data Processing
  • Limitations of IP Routing
  • Enterprise vs. Service Providers
  • Enabling Internet Technologies
  • MPLS as a Solution
  • The concept of MPLS
  • Examples of Label Technology
  • Benefits of MPLS
  • Applications of MPLS

Concepts and Terminology

  • Definition of a Label
  • Definition of a Shim
  • Label Switch Router
  • Label Edge Router
  • Label Switch Path
  • Label Information Base
  • Forward Equivalence Class
  • Label Stacks
  • TLV
  • Label Distribution Protocol
  • Establishing an LSP
  • Traffic Flow Aggregation and Splitting
  • Popping and Attaching Labels
    • Shim Review
    • Layers and Labels
    • Frame Relay and ATM
    • Ethernet, Gig, and 10 Gig
    • OSPF, BGPv4, IGRP, and E-IGRP
    • Shims detailed
    • Encapsulation
    • Implementations
    • Architecture of LDP
    • LSP Establishment
    • Label Binding
    • Unsolicited vs. Ordered
    • Liberal vs. Conservative
    • LDP & TCP
    • Message Format
    • Encoding Detailed
    • Examples of Encoding
    • Examples
    • Wrap up Q&A
  • The Label
    Signalling Protocols

Skills Taught: 
  • Explain MPLS and MPLS VPNs from a conceptual standpoint
  • Describe the architecture & components of MPLS VPNs
  • Compare and contrast the Label Distribution Protocols employed in MPLS and MPLS VPNs