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Managing the Mobile Workforce

2 days

All professionals working in an environment of increased mobility.


Mobility is a key feature of the 21st century work environment and technology has been a major enabler of this phenomenon. In the mobile environment, work can be done from anywhere, at any time, minimizing the need for physical presence at a particular location by using any of a number of technologies. But besides the many positive aspects, working anywhere and anytime can also mean a constant stream of interruptions, a diminishing work-life balance, increased security risks to sensitive information, and changes in the organization of work and working relationships. Telecommuting, video- and tele-conferencing, laptops, and the BlackBerry have all significantly changed the way we work. While professionals have been keen to take advantage of the flexibility offered by the mobile environment, they have also struggled with the impact of mobility on their work practices. This has led to some extreme approaches - some have thrown themselves headfirst into mobility while others have tried to stay away for as long as possible. Is there a better way?
The dilemma is real – mobility offers tremendous opportunities, but introduces many new challenges and concerns. What can you do to take maximum advantage of the trend towards mobility? What work practices are effective and which ones are detrimental to your organization, career, and life? How can you ensure that information about your customers, your organization, and even yourself is adequately protected as the mobile environment proliferates? We hope to help you tackle these questions so you can get the most out of your mobile life.

  • Leverage your adoption profile to your utmost benefit.
  • Sustain or restrain mobility, depending on your goals.
  • Build and maintain better relationships while being mobile.
  • Target real productivity in the mobile environment.
  • Use tools to protect and manage at-risk information.
  • Take steps to prevent adverse health effects of the mobile life.
Skills Taught: 
  • What is driving the adoption of mobility as a way of working
  • Recognize the type of adopter you are.
  • How a mobile life can affect the way you think, and its impact on your career.
  • How mobile work can affect relationships.
  • Techniques for choosing the right level of mobility for your work.
  • To see through illusions of productivity.
  • How simple tools can boost the benefits of mobility.
  • How mobility can serve as a tactical advantage for your career.
  • Techniques for mitigating the security risks of mobility.
  • To recognize the health issues arising from mobile work.