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Advanced Networking

2 days

Individuals that need a broad knowledge to support switched and routed networks. Individuals that need to design elegant, accurate IP networks.

Prerequisites: An understanding of data communications, specifically IP networks. Networking Foundations: Level I.


This course introduces the student to the world of internetworking. There are in-depth discussions about subnetting IP addresses, routing protocols and how quality of service is delivered in an IP network. Multi-Protocol Label Switching is an emerging standard and is covered an introductory topic. The course wraps up with a case study, which the students work in groups to discuss, design and present their solutions.



  • The development of networking
  • The architecture today
  • Communication models
  • OSI Overview
  • TCP/IP Overview
  • Communication protocol overview
  • Bridging and Switching Overview
  • Virtual Private Networks Overview
  • LAN Protocol Review
  • WAN Protocol Review

Layer 2 Concepts

  • Overview
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Bridging Techniques
  • IEEE 802.1Q and 802.1p
  • Layer 2 Switching Overview
  • Store-and-Forward vs. Cut Through
  • Multi-link Trunking
  • Layer 3 Switching Theory
  • Packet-by-Packet vs. Cut Through
  • Implementations
  • History of Virtual LANs
  • Types of VLANs
  • Multiple Switches and VLANs
  • ATM Switching Overview
  • PVC and SVC
  • ATM Addressing Overview
  • SVC Establishment

TCP/IP Protocol Overview

  • Over of IP Addressing
  • Architecture
  • Class of Address
  • Example of Addressing
  • Special Addresses
  • Addressing and Networks
  • Introduction to Subnetting
  • Simple Subnets
  • Complex subnets
  • Variable Length Subnets
  • IP Addressing Design

IP Routing

  • Define Routing
  • The Need to Route
  • Operation of a Router
  • Example network
  • Types of Routing
  • Types of Routes
  • RIP
  • RIP2
  • OSPF
  • OSPF2
  • IGRP
  • E-IGRP
  • BGIPv4
  • IS-IS
  • Network Design

IP Multicasting

  • Overview
  • Applications of IP Multicast
  • IP Multicast Protocols
  • Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol Overview
  • Operation and Details
  • Protocol Independent Manager
  • Operation and Details

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

  • Overview
  • Routing vs. Switching
  • Concepts of MPLS
  • Applications of MPLS
  • Label Distribution Protocols
  • Traffic Extension for Routing
  • Constraint-Based Routed LDP
  • Resource Reservation Protocol –TE


  • Case Study
Skills Taught: 
  • Identify the components of an Internetwork
  • Describe the functionality of internetworking components
  • Articulate how the Internet Protocol is implemented in a network
  • Describe how routers and routing protocols operate