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Planning for a Meaningful Retirement

How to enjoy the next chapter
2 days

This course is useful for anyone who has entered the workforce and is planning to retire, whether in two decades or in the next two years. The workshop will also be useful for spouses of future retirees.


It is never to early to plan your life, because a well-planned life will be the basis of a happy retirement. The focus of retirement planning has shifted from financial aspects to personal issues. The workshop will address the emotional, physical and psychological realities and integrating them into a balanced plan is the key to a successful and meaningful retirement. This course will prepare you for a successful retirement by helping you to prepare a life plan that will guide your transition into retirement.

  • Explore how to handle change effectively;
  • Recognize your current work identity and determine how this will fit into your retirement identity;
  • Establish your new life vision by identifying dreams, goals and planned activities;
  • Create your plan – your new life structure;
  • Establish how you are currently spending your time and what adjustments are needed to create a more balanced pace;
  • Learn how to keep yourself connected to your community and the world around you;
  • Identify if or how social support network may change in retirement and how to manage that change;
  • Establish ways to deal with issues that may accompany retirement, such as, care giving to an elderly parent and ongoing responsibilities for children;
  • Feel confident and excited about the next stage in your life.