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Effective Flowcharting and Process Design using Microsoft® Visio Professional 2010

2 days

Intermediate-Level and Experienced Process Managers and Team Members, Flowchart & Diagram Developers.

This course requires the following prerequisites:

  • Working Knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
  • Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Optional Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2010.
  • Optional Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Access 2010.
  • Optional Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Project 2010.

Flowcharts and process diagrams play a pivotal role in knowledge dissemination, making complex business processes and data easier to understand. Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 includes a host of features that are instrumental in creating pictorial representations of this information.

In this course, you will learn the essentials of process design and visualization,
along with effective strategies for flowchart and diagram creation and customization using Microsoft Visio Professional 2010.


Section 1: Starting Out

  • Meeting Microsoft Office Visio 2010
  • Working with Visio Files
  • Creating a Diagram
  • Using the Shapes Pane
  • Connecting Shapes
  • Getting Help in Visio

Section 2: Understanding and Customizing the Visio Interface

  • Getting Acquainted
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Tabs and Groups
  • Customizing the Ribbon

Section 3: Overview of the Command Tabs

  • The Home Tab
  • The Insert Tab
  • The Design Tab
  • The Data Tab
  • The Review Tab
  • The View Tab

Section 4: Creating Diagrams

  • Starting Points for Your Diagrams
  • Using Visio’s Editing Tools
  • Editing Shapes
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Arranging Shapes

Section 5: Doing More with Diagrams

  • Formatting Text, Part One
  • Formatting Text, Part Two
  • Working with Text Blocks
  • Adding Freeform Shapes

Section 6: Printing and Viewing Your Diagram

  • Using Visio’s Viewing Tools
  • Working with Pages
  • Polishing Your Diagram
  • Printing Your Diagram
Instruction Methodology: 

You will also receive guided instruction and background details on how to effectively build processes, flowcharts, and focused organization diagrams from an experienced management process and flowcharting consultant.

Skills Taught: 
  • Understand principles of visual flowcharting and design.
  • Design and manage basic management process and flowchart diagrams, workflows, and other visual tools.
  • How flowcharts compare to mind-maps
  • Create customized drawing elements and templates.
  • Represent external data as drawing elements.
  • Share your Visio diagram content with others.