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Microsoft® Excel 2003 Pivot Tables, Advanced Formulas and Charts

2 days

Experienced Beginning to Intermediate Level Excel Users, General Managers, Database Managers, Report Designers, and Presentation Speakers.

This course requires the following prerequisites:

  • User Knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
  • Working Knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2000-2003.

As an experienced user of Microsoft Excel, you now have a need to streamline repetitive tasks and display spreadsheet data in more visually effective ways. In this course, you will use Microsoft Office Excel 2003 to streamline and enhance your spreadsheets with advanced features such as pivot tables, formula functions, and charts.

You will also learn how to create Pivot Tables from layout and formatting of source Table Data, to inventorying Data and using proven design strategies, understand advanced Pivot Table features in detail and depth, understand and customize Excel charts in depth, as well as gain knowledge of and exposure to powerful and sophisticated real-world business examples of advanced formulas.


PART 1 – Excel 2003 Overview/Hints & Tips

  • Excel Terminology Overview
  • Excel Navigation Overview
  • Excel Shortcuts, Hints, and Tips

PART 2 – Using Advanced Formulas & Functions

  • Understanding Excel Formulas and Functions
  • Using the Insert Function Button
  • Date Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Using the Logical IF Function
  • Real-World Formula Examples

PART 3 – Organizing Worksheet & Table Data

  • Understanding Table Layouts & Data
  • Converting Row-Based Data to Tables
  • Formatting Data Using Excel 2003 Lists
  • Sorting and Filtering Worksheet/Table Data
  • Grouping & Organizing Data using Subtotals

PART 4 – Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

  • Understanding Pivot Table Concepts
  • Strategies for Creating Pivot Tables
  • Creating Pivot Table Reports
  • Basic Pivot Table Creation Practice

PART 5 – Advanced Pivot Tables

  • Pivot Table Date Field Grouping
  • Managing Data Summary Requests/Details
  • Advanced Data Stacking
  • Advanced Pivot Table Calculation Options
  • Customizing Pivot Table Details

PART 6 – Presenting Data Using Charts

  • Understanding Excel Charts
  • Picking the Right Chart
  • Creating Excel Charts
  • Modifying Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Analyzing Data using PivotCharts
Skills Taught: 
  • Navigate and effectively enter and organize worksheet and table data using various tips & techniques.
  • Analyze data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
  • Create complex calculations using advanced formulas and functions.
  • Create and modify line, pie, bar, and column charts to suit conventional business situations and scenarios.
  • Customize the Microsoft Office Excel environment.
Participant Testimonials: 

"The instructor's knowledge of content and professionalism was impressive."

"[The instructor] knows Excel very well and seems to be passionate about his training."

"[The instructor provided] clear instructions, [was] approachable, knowledgeable and passionate about this topic."

"Good speaker, knows the subject very well."

"[The instructor's] knowledge is remarkable, great teacher also. Answers my questions before I even ask them!"

"Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic."

"Excellent, really enjoyed the course. Integrated with class and explained the material very well. [The instructor was] very personable."

"[The instructor] was very clear in his explanations. Very easy to understand."

"Time management was excellent. Pace was good—not too fast, not too slow. "Advanced functions" [topic] was very informative. Instructions were very clear, very engaging. Very knowledgeable, excellent!"

"The instructor is very knowledgeable about the course. I'm extremely satisfied with the new knowledge learnt."

"[The instructor] was an excellent teacher. Very good at explainig. Examples were well put together and easy to follow."

"[...] terrific instructor. Very relaxed, energetic and fun. Very enjoyable and knowledgeable. "